Worksheet Column Options

The Worksheet Column Options are available from the 'Column Options' tab (above the worksheet). Column options are available for all documents.


Toolbar buttons


Show/Hide advanced options


Turn template protection on/off


Make all columns visible


Restore default options


Show help for column options

To set a column option 'double-click' the option cell or 'left-click' once and press 'Enter'. This will put the option into edit mode.

Column options are applied to the template not the file. The settings will be used for all worksheets which use the same template as the current worksheet.

Column Title

If the current template is a master template, the template protection will turn on automatically.
The column titles can only be edited if template protection is turned off.
Template protection is always disable for user template.

To turn off template protection:-
Click on the protect_24.jpg toolbar icon. This will toggle template protection on and off.

To edit the Column title, double-click the title and edit mode will start.
To Append, Delete or Move a column , right click on the title when NOT in edit mode.

Also, Ctrl+ up/down arrow (cursor keys) will move column positions.
Important note:

Column titles must be unique, and they must not contain special characters. Column titles are used as a reference by some functions.

Spaces in titles are allowed, but I suggest you do not use them.
The best way to format a title is to use 'medial capitals' in compound words, also known as camel-case. ie. FatherSurname.
You could also multihyphenate ie. This-Is-A-Long-Title or This_Uses_Underscore

Column Width

Width : The column width. This is the pixel width not character width.

The width of any column may be changed.

Column widths are saved with the user template options, and applied when the file is next loaded.

User setting for column widths will over-ride those of a predefined master template.

Column widths may also be changed by dragging the worksheet column title edges.

Column Visible

Choose yes: Column is visible, or no: Column is hidden.

Columns may be hidden from view when not needed. Data in hidden columns is not be affected, and all columns are included when saving files.

Note: Column 1 cannot be hidden.

You can show all hidden columns by clicking the 'Show All' button

Advanced Column Options

Advanced Column Options are always disabled by default. .

To enable advanced options click the advancedoptions.jpg icon in the column options toolbar.

PickList Option

no: Do not use picklist.

yes: Create and use picklist.

Any column may have a picklist associated with it. Picklists are lists of previously entered data for a column. As you enter data into a column it is added to the picklist automatically.

The picklist option does not force anything into the data cell. It just sits there and waits for you to use it.
Double-Click a picklist item to paste it into the current cell.
You can also use Ctrl+K to do the above.

There is an option to have the picklist predictive, and an extra option to have predictive text in cells.
To turn on Predict and Auto-complete in cells, go to preferences.
Note that 'Predict' and 'Auto-complete' will work only for columns which have the 'Picklist' option selected.

Predefined picklist may also be added. See 'Predefined Picklists'


AutoCopy copies the value of the cell above when editing.
no: No auto copy.
yes: Copy the value of the cell above. Do not overwrite existing data.
yes (overwrite): Copy the value of the cell above and overwrite existing data.

It would not make sense use both AutoInc and AutoCopy at the same time. Therefore, AutoInc and AutoCopy settings are parsed in the following order: AutoInc > AutoCopy
So if you set both AutoInc and AutoCopy, the AutoCopy setting will be ignored.


AutoInc automatically inserts an increment into the worksheet cells when editing.

no: No autoincrement.

FromCurrent: From current cell value. Use the current cell value and increment to the bottom row.
FromTop: Increment from top row to bottom row (use top row value as start)


Automatically copies the name or path of the current image viewed to a cell when leaving the cell (if the cell is empty).


AutoCase forces data entry to upper/lower characters as required.
no: No autocase.

SentenceCase(strict): First character is uppercase. All other characters are forced to lowercase.
SentenceCase: First character is uppercase. All other characters are left as entered.
TitleCase(strict): (camel case) First character of each word is uppercase. All other characters are forced to lowercase.
TitleCase: (camel case) First character of each word is uppercase. All other characters are left as entered.
UpperCase: Force all uppercase.
LowerCase: Force all lowercase.


MaxChars Sets the maximum characters allowed for each cell in this column.

Omit the value or enter 0 (zero) to disable the restriction.
The default is empty.


Hint: Add or edit hints for this column. Leave blank for no hint.

Hints are there to give basic instructions about the data input for a particular column. Hints may be part of a predefined master template, or notes entered by the user. Any changes made by the user will over-ride those in a predefined master template.

Fixed List

FixedList: Select a predefined picklist
The predefined picklists are just text files, containing a list,one item per line. They are stored in the 'genscriber/include/picklists' folder.

Picklists must have a '.txt' extent, and must be pure ascii text. (Use a text editor i.e.notepad++ (not a wordprocessor) to create them) .
Give the lists meaningful file names. The filename will be used in a dropdown selection later.

Note: Whenever the picklist source files are changed, GenScriber must be restarted
to show the changes in the dropdown lists.

Adding predefined picklists
1. Copy your predefined picklist files into the folder

2. Start GenScriber (if it was already running, quit and restart it)

3. All picklists will now be available in the 'Worksheet Options' as a
dropdown list in the 'FixedList' column.

The 'FixedList' column will be shown to the user, even when a worksheet has
an associated master template.

Note: when you select a 'FixedList', you must also set the 'Picklist' option
to 'Yes'.

Hyperlink Option

Hyperlink Column Option: When selected, the data in each cell of the column will be processed as a link to media.
The view link is activated, link will open the media in the default application set for that type of media. This allows for different types of media in each record of the worksheet.
pdf,images,web images, web pages,doc files and anything else your system can open.

The pal: links used by are automatically expanded to the full url.
For example: If a cells data is pal:/MM9.1.1/M568-BTS, it would be processed as

Viewing linked media
There are several ways to view the linked media.
1. Press CTRL + L when in a cell. This will work regardless of edit mode.

2. When in edit mode. From the top menu, select Edit > View This Link
“This Link” refers to the hyperlink in the current cell.

3. When not in edit mode. Right-click on a cell and choose 'View This Link' from the popup menu.