The Preferences dialog allows you to change a number of options in GenScriber.

Preferences can be found in the 'Tools' menu.

Any changes you make will be saved automatically when you close the Preferences dialog.

Grid Preferences

Grid Layout

Show Horizontal Grid
Show the worksheet horizontal grid lines.

Show Vertical Grid
Show the worksheet vertical grid lines.

Highlight Selected Row
This will highlight the row you are working on. Useful in worksheets with many columns.

Show Row Number
Display a fixed left column of row numbers.

Row Height
Set the height of the worksheet rows.
Requires a file reload for setting to take effect.

Default Cell Width
This will set the default cell width when loading worksheets that do not have template settings. It is initially set at 100 pixels.

Grid Colour
Sets colour of the worksheet grid lines

Background Colour
Sets the worksheet background colour

Font Settings

Font Colour
Sets the worksheet text colour

Font Bold
Sets worksheet text to bold

Font Size
Sets worksheet text size

Worksheet Preferences

Scan Column Titles
GenScriber expect the first line of a csv file to be the column title.
If this option is selected, genscriber will scan the first line to try to determine if it has column titles. A preset list of titles is used for recognising column titles.

Allow Condition Scripts
This will allow a conditions script to run, if one exists.

Allow Sorting
This allows standard multi column sorting of rows, and special sorting of dates etc.
Standard sorting
To sort a column, click on a column title. Each click will toggle between accending decending and back to unsorted. A small arrow in the title will indicate this.

To multisort. First sort a column, then hold down the CTRL key and click on another column header.
To return all columns to unsorted, release the CTRL key and click the column title until the column as returned to unsorted.

Special sorting
To sort dates, right-click in a cell of the column to sort and select the special sort type. 'Sort as Dates', 'Backwards' etc.

Small toolbar Buttons
Reduces the size of the toolbar buttons.

Worksheet Toolbar Position
The worksheet toolbar can be placed top,left,right or bottom of the worksheet.

Predict in Picklist
Attempt to find the contents of current cell in the picklist. This will slow down older computers.

Auto Complete
When selected, this will auto complete text in the cell as you type. The predictions are taken from the current picklist.
Note: Space or Backspace will cancel the currently predicted text.

Auto Select
Automatically select contents of a cell when the cursor first enters the cell. Default is on.

Cursor At End
This only applies when 'Auto Select' is off.

Template Protection
This option can be used to disable template protection.

Single Click Edit
When selected, 'edit mode' will start every time a cell is entered.
If not selected, 'edit mode' only starts when a cell is clicked twice, or 'Enter/Return' is pressed while in a cell. This is not a double-click, but simply a second click in the current cell.
Pressing 'Esc' will exit edit mode.

Confirm Overwrite when incrementing
Warn when using Fill and Inc, and ask to overwrite existing data.
default is on.

Replace Commas
Select a replacement for commas, if you don't want to allow them in your data.
You can select to allow, remove or replace commas with another character.

Replace Quotes
Select a replacement for double-quotes, if you don't want to allow them in your data.
You can select to allow, remove or replace double-quotes with another character.

Auto detect hyperlinks
Select this if you want to set the column hyperlink option automatically.
The detection is activated when you attempt to view a link or export html.
Ambiguous paths are not recognised as links.

Prefix ambiguous file paths
If this option is selected, and the column is set as hyperlink, then genscriber will attempt to fix ambiguous file paths.
For example, myimage.jpg and C:/My Images/myimage.jpg may not be handle correctly by your browser.
This option will add file: to the beginning. i.e. file: C:/My Images/myimage.jpg

Version 2.4 and higher
Charmap Button
Shows a button to open the system character map utility.

Strikeout Button
Show the strikeout/strikethrough button in the toolbar

CopyDown Button
Show the Copy Down button in the toolbar

IncDown Button
Show the Inc Down button in the toolbar

Enable Image Sync
Shows a button for opening the image sync editor.

Import-Export Preferences

Export Xml
This is a raw xml format.

Export FreeBMD
Allow export to the FreeBMD 'flat file' info header format.
This will be turned on automatically if a bmd file is opened.

Export GHF
Allow export to GHF files.
This will be turned on automatically if a ghf file is opened.

Export FreeREG
Allow export to the FreeREG info header format.
This will be turned on automatically if a frg file is opened.

Export FreeCEN
Allow export to the FreeCEN file' info header format.

Export with uno
Uno is a utility available in LibreOffice and OpenOffice. It allows us to Import/Export several spreadsheet formats.
GenScriber makes use of uno to import and export extra file formats, including ods and xls.

Show offsets when importing results
Each search results file downloaded from contains an offset. This is used to identify the file in the set. This offset can be inserted into the top of the imported file.

Html Export

The html export is very useful for providing someone an easily readable version of your worksheet.
The worksheet will be exported to one or more linked html files. A folder will be created during the export process.

When exporting to html, each file will contain a maximum number of rows as per the setting of 'Html Rows Per Page'.
Each html file created will contain links to all other pages created from the worksheet.
Each link will be the number of the html file (page).

Html Rows Per Page
How many rows per page when exporting a worksheet to html.
The default is 200.

Set fixed widths
Sets fixed table and column widths when exporting html.

Set nowrap in

Stops text wrapping in cells when exporting html.

Use external css file
Exported html files use an external css file. Useful if you want to change the styles.
Note: The nowrap option above is not applied when using external css. You can set it in the css file.

Add table sort
Option to add scripts to sort the table data.

Use UK (dd/mm/yy) format for shortdate
By default the tablesorter uses mm/dd/yy for shortdate. Selecting this option will force the use of dd/mm/yy date format

Add a WebPage Heading
Select this if you want to add navigation etc at the top of the webpage. The html you add here will be displayed in a div above the data tables.

Add a WebPage Footer
Select this if you want to add a footer to the webpage. The html you add here will be displayed in a div below the data tables.

Both header and footer html will be added to every page created on export.

TextPad Preferences

The textpad specific options are mostly visual, and just show or hide buttons on the toolbar.

Enable File Tools
Show the Open, New and Save buttons.

Enable Search Tools
Show the search tool button

Enable Undo/Redo
Show the Undo/redo buttons

Enable Copy/Paste Tools
Show the Copy, Paste, Cut tool buttons

Show Hidden Chars
Show the special characters, such as newline etc.

No Page Breaks
Remove hidden page breaks from text.

Enable Ruler
Show the ruler and ruler tools

Pdf Export
Show the pdf export button

Html Export
Show the html export button

Print Tools
Show the print button

Toolbar Position
The textpad toolbar has only one button size, but it can be repositioned.
If you move the toolbar left or right when you have Font and Style tools selected it looks a bit ugly due to the width required by font and style.

RichText Toolbar Options
These options simply turn on and off various buttons used for richtext editing, and should be selected to your own preference.

If you prefer plain text instead of richtext, just turn off all richtext toolbar buttons and genscriber will automatically disable richtext editing. File open and save will default to '.txt'

Global Settings

Global Preferences
The settings here affects all of genscriber.

In Worksheet:

Option full sync: Move to next row and sync image to current cell.
Option Inc: Move to next row and move image up (marker height)
Option New Image: Move to next row and open next image

In Notepad:
Option Inc: Move to next line and move image up (marker height)
Option New Image: Move to next line and open next image

Pdf Viewer (only available in Linux)
The name of the default pdf viewer. For example, atril or evince.
This allows a cell to contain a link that will call a page within a pdf file.

Pdf Page Switch (only available in Linux)
The switch (command) used by the pdf viewer to select a page when launched.
For example, atril uses ' -p '

Tooltip Delay
sets the delay before tooltips are displayed.
A setting of '0' (zero) will disable tooltips.

Small Image Toolbar Buttons
Reduces the size of the image toolbar buttons.


Image Toolbar Position
The image toolbar is always to the left of the image, but can be place top,left,right ot bottom of the image file list.

Character Set
This will allow you to choose the character set for your system.
GenScriber uses the UTF-8 character set internally, and is able to display many different languages correctly. Windows is deficient in this, and still uses the old code pages.
The purpose of choosing a character set is to tell GenScriber which character set your Windows system is using.
When a file is saved, any extended characters will be converted to the correct code page for Windows. When a file is opened, the file will be converted back to UTF-8.

Linux users will not have this problem. If you use Linux just leave the setting at UTF-8.

Set Language
Select the language you want to use. This option requires a restart of genscriber.
Some languages will require an external language file. See 'Language-Help' for more information.

Data Input Type
This sets the type of input(s) you want to have available. It can be either worksheet, textpad or both. By default, genscriber uses both.

If you set this to just one type, and try to open a file belonging to the type not chosen, then genscriber will attempt activate both types in order to open the file you selected.

Version 2.4 and higher
Use Alternative Layout
This selects the side-by-side layout.
It can also be changed during edit with SHIFT+CTRL_F12

Image on left
Set the image on the left. If unselected, image goes to right.