Main Menu Bar

The main menu is always at the top of the application.

The sub menus will change to suit either the worksheet or textpad.

File Menu

Open Document
Open or Import an existing document.

Create New Document
Create a new document by specifying the column titles.

New Document From Template
Create a new document from a predefined (master) template.

Save the current document, using the current filename.

Save As
Save the current document, will ask for a filename.

Export current worksheet as HTML, BMD,FRG,CEN, GHF and XML, plus a number of other formats may be available, depending on your options.

Choose Image Folder
Choose a folder of images for the image list.

Quit the application

Edit Menu

The edit functions are only available when in edit mode.

Copy All
Copies all data from current worksheet to the clipboard.

Copy cell contents
Copy the contents of the current cell to the clipboard.

Paste to cell
Paste the contents of the clipboard into the current cell.

Paste Image Name to cell
This will paste the name of the currently displayed image into the cell being edited.

Cut cell contents
Delete the contents of the current cell.

Paste, from cell above
Copy the contents of the cell above, and paste into the current cell

Get Value from cell above
Copy and paste the contents of the cell above.

Find and Replace in current column
Search the cells of the current column for the 'Find' text and replace with the 'Replace' text.
This only replaces complete cell contents. partial content is not replaced.
Example: If Find = Brown, then Browne would not be replaced.

View This Link
Only available when in a cell containing a hyperlink. The hyperlink will be launched in the default application for the media type.

Image Menu

The image menu refers to the image area only.

Choose Image Folder
Choose the folder where your images are kept.

Reset Image Filters
Reset all image filters to zero.

Show Image Filters
Toggle image filters ON/OFF

Transform image to negative

Transform image to grayscale

Transform image back to colour, from negative or grayscale

Set Default Zoom
Sets the default zoom level

Set Image Inc of Marker Set the image increments in percent of the marker height.
This is applied in the TextPad when using the Ctrl keys below are used.

    • Alt+Enter : Moves to next line in the editor and moves the image up the chosen percentage of the marker height
    • Alt+CursorUp : Moves the image up the chosen percentage of the marker height
    • <li">


      : Moves the image down the chosen percentage of the marker height



Tools Menu

View/Edit Info Headers
Only available when a GHF, FreeBMD, FreeCEN or FreeREG export option is selected.

Save Master Template
Only available if a master template does not already exist for the current document, or 'Template Protection' is disabled.

Create Conditions Script
Only available in admin mode 3, (and if a conditions file does not already exist for the current document).

Change application options and preferences. Any changes made will be saved automatically when you close the Preferences dialog.
See Preferences for more information

Applications Menu

The Application Menu allows execution of external applications.

Editing the menu items
From the 'Applications' menu, choose 'Edit This Menu'.
The menu editor will open.
Add the app title and the app path. Browse to an application using the file button to the right of the app box.
Applications in the system path (firefox, gedit etc. will only need the name).

The maximum allowed menu entries is 10.
If an application does not run, check the app name or path you entered.

Application name/paths must be for executable files only. Trying to execute a non-executable file (such as a .pdf) could cause GenScriber to stop responding while it attempts to run the file. If this happens, be patient, GenScriber will time out and continue to run after several seconds.

Note to advanced users…
You can change the 'Applications' menu title if you wish. To change the menu title, you must edit the genscriber.ini, and add the following line…
APP_MENU_TITLE = your_menu_title

Replace 'your_menu_title' with the title you want to use. If this line is not added, the default title is 'Applications'.
GenScriber must be restarted if you edit the genscriber.ini.

Help Menu

The top item in the Help menu is 'Online Help'. The latest help is always available online. Other helpfiles may be outdated.

All other items in the help menu are dynamic, and the menu items will vary depending on which help files are stored in the 'include/help' folder.

Adding you own help files
Your own help files and instructions can be added to GenScriber very easily.

Any file placed in the 'help' folder will be displayed under the 'Help Menu'.

When one of the help menu entries is selected, GenScriber will attempt to display the selected file using the system default application for that filetype.

The 'help' folder path is 'GenScriber/include/help'.

Usual file types are: PDF, TXT or HTML, but files such as JPG,GIF,PNG may work too.