About GenScriber

GenScriber is a transcription editor for census records, church records, birth, marriage ,baptisms, burials, index records etcGenScriber Screenshot1 .

The interface is comprised of several resizable windows within a single main window.

A register image can be viewed in the top window while data is input in the bottom window.


Version 2.3 includes a new data input area, the 'T
extPad'. Data input may now be a spreadsheet style grid, or a wordprocessor style text editor.

Both types of input provide stable, non-volatile editors, designed for
genealogical data input.

The problems associated with spreadsheets and wordprocessors changing dates and numer
ical values do not apply here.

All cell inputs are alphanumeric. No assumptions are made about the data type. Dates and values remain exactly as you entered them.

The worksheet and textpad work independently. They can be used to edit different data by switching between the tabs. It is of course possibly to copy/paste data between the editors.

GenScriber is free for non-commercial use.

Linux users don't forget, after download you will need to set execute permissions on the downloaded file.

Versions for Linux and Windows are currently available.

GenScriber for Windows

GenScriber for Linux

GenScriber for Mac

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Please note: GenScriber does NOT automagically convert images into text. It is NOT OCR software 

If you have questions please email me les@webmayo.com
Les Hardy